Back in the USA

My Europe trip ended with the exciting 4-day Nations Cup, Trofeo Karlsberg, based out of Gersheim, Germany. I did my best to race aggressively and was able to make the breakaway on stage 3. Although it looked promising we were unfortunately caught and absorbed by the 130-man field. Each day of Trofeo Karlsberg was raced on challenging cicuits, usually including hard climbs and blistering fast descents. Despite the hard climbs on each stage, the General Classification (GC) is often decided by the time trial. This year the time trial started out on a steep climb for a few minutes before dropping down through a couple small towns and then climbing back to the finish to complete the 11.5 kilometer suffer-fest. I could tell my legs were a bit tired going into it but I followed my plan to set a hard pace over the first climb and use the downhills to recover for the last drag to the finish. I went as hard as I could but was unable to come away with a result and finished my last European stage race of the trip at 35th overall, 2:00 minutes down. Moving forward, I would like to continue working on my time trialing for races in the future that may play out like this. On Monday, June 12th, I flew home just in time to catch my mom’s birthday! It’s nice to finally be home with a bit of down time before I head to the National Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. (June 29th-July 3rd).


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